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Lazib Inn Entrance Fayoum
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Lazib Inn Spa
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Lazib Inn Massage
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Fayoum Activities

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Fyoum Lake Egypt
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Fayoum, Egypt - Fayoum Oasis - The City of Waterfalls Located 100 Kilometers Southwest of Cairo
Fayoum, Egypt - Fayoum Oasis - The City of Waterfalls Located 100 Kilometers Southwest of Cairo
Fayoum, Egypt - Located on the southwest of Cairo, this city is famously known for being the place that hosts the beautiful waterfalls and which are the main attraction for the tourists. Are you looking for a place to visit in Egypt other than Cairo and Alexandria? Then Fayoum should be the third destination on the list. Cairo is the place where most of the history and its treasures are found then comes Alexandria (, and mixing between the rich history and the beautiful nature, Fayoum is the third city in Cairo that is home to one of the oasis found in Egypt. Fayoum city in in the middle of Egypt, just 100 kilometers away southwest of Cairo, not far for a day trip. Due to it's strategic location, Fayoum is one of the oldest cities in Egypt. Driving one hour and a half to reach Fayoum will get you to witness several attractions and historical places along with seeing the natural waterfalls. There are several tourist attractions that one could come to visit in Fayoum ,such as Wadi El-Hetan (valley of whales) which was a sea rich with a variety of marine life millions of years ago but which now contains fossils and skeletons of extinct whales. Lake Qaroun is another destination spotted in Fayoum, this lake is considered one of the most important ancient natural lakes where there are different activities to be done, and there is also Qasr Qaroun (Qaroun palace) which one should visit there as well. In addition to Qaroun lake, there is also the Magic lake which is our recommended destination for those who want to calm down after hiking and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scene of the stars at night. Adding to these previous destinations, we should mention that Tunis Village is another beautiful place that should be visited. Tunis village is the place for those who are willing to have some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city by watching the birds by Qaroun lake and enjoying the singing of the birds. Tunis village has also been famously known for pottery making and even for teaching people how to make pottery. The famous Wadi Al-Rayan waterfalls which are the main reason lots of people head to Fayoum in the first place are among the list of things to do in Fayoum. Those waterfalls are believed to be the largest in Egypt and the ones which you could take a dip in. When one first think about visiting Fayoum, at first it might seem a waste of time because people think that it is all about the waterfalls and the Qaroun lake and they will be back or else will sit in the hotel doing nothing, but there are different places to visit and different activities to do, such as sand boarding, hiking, camping, fishing, watching the birds, enjoying the calmness of the place, and visiting those historical places found there. History is beneficial and that is the reason why visiting Maidum pyramid in Fayoum is a must, this pyramid which is believed to be the first attempt of building one and which was built by the father of Khufu. Qasr El-Sagha temple is the one which was never completed and which dates back to the Middle Kingdom. Lakes, waterfalls, villages, hotels, activities; there are actually different things to do and witness in Fayoum which will make you live two or three days that you are going to remember till the end of your time. A recommended place for those visiting Egypt and have the time to go somewhere else other than Cairo. The nature there will help all those who want to be involved with different activities, watch this nature in front of their eyes, and at the same time get the chance to see some good historical things and places. The weather in Fayoum is perfect during winter and spring, which is considered the recommended time for those who want to go bird watching or sand boarding because it is very hot in summer. For those want to visit the lakes and the waterfalls, all year long is considered acceptable. The breathtaking view of those three different lakes which are found on different heights yet they are connected to one another through waterfalls is the most beautiful thing about the trip and even though the waterfalls will be always making sounds, and for some is considered noise, but it is still the noise of nature and that is pretty much needed. Speaking of Egypt in general, there are a lot of places to go to, Cairo will always come on top of them but there is also Alexandria, which is considered the second biggest city after Cairo, there is also Luxor and Aswan, and one could visit places for enjoying the beauty of the sea and beach such as the North Coast on the Mediterranean ( or Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada on the Red Sea. If you are in Cairo, you could check some places such as El Moez street in old Egypt (, or visiting Mohamed Ali Palace (, and you will always feel satisfied with the scenes.
Lazib Inn
Lazib Inn
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